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May 16, 2016 | Author: Lindsay Takemoto

Remember the good old days of Thomas Guides, tri-fold maps and the Frommers handbook? Once the required staples of travel abroad, while some may still utilize these resources it is hard not to consult something online whether it is to read reviews, look for deals or investigate how the locals live.

Now as we embark on our travel adventures, we have myriad resources at our disposal from websites to apps to digital tour guides. The same is true if you’re a pilot; however, there is more to the story about how the information is loaded, updated, reviewed and analyzed.

Honeywell’s new GoDirect website offers a one-stop-shop for all Honeywell services, one of which is the Flight Preview application. It can be found in the app store at this link. The app gives a unique view of an approach, with runway highlights, waypoints and altitude constraints rendered a 3D view, which no other approach application currently offers. The Honeywell app focuses on approaches only, with arrivals and departures planned for future releases, making it simple and easy for any pilot to use.

Nate Turner, a Senior Engineer with Honeywell Aerospace explains that currently pilots have to prepare for an approach using electronic or paper charts. They have to piece together what to expect on an approach in their own mental model. This application takes much of the information from these charts and renders it in 3D, creating a preview of what to expect and enhances situational awareness. This app was developed utilizing a team with years of FMS expertise, which was crucial to create the pieces necessary to bring it all together.

Formerly a pilot for American Eagle Airlines (now Envoy) and flight instructor turned engineer, Turner says it’s the innovation that makes his job exciting every day. So when he was approached to develop an app that would be helpful for pilots during approach he immediately saw the value and signed on.

Turner explains that this app is an exciting one because it can be used in a variety of settings. It can be helpful for training situations if a pilot is unfamiliar with an airport or of one is especially challenging like the steep, high-altitude city of Aspen. Screens can also be viewed side by side against the instrument approach chart to provide everything a pilot needs to brief an approach.

The enthusiasm is shared by Brian Leach, a Senior Designer on the Honeywell User Experience (HUE) team. Leach’s initial task is to think of the end user, in this case the pilot, and determine what is most needed; but also how will an app be downloaded, paid for and kept up-to-date. The HUE team is involved in projects like app development to ensure the entire customer experience is considered. From concept to final design this group will work with engineers, developers and product managers to ensure the experience for the customer is intuitive and seamless. This type of collaboration is ideal and it can lead to discoveries that will benefit other products and services also in development.

Honeywell Aerospace strives to create innovative products and services that deliver helpful and insightful data to pilots and crews that are tasked with keeping passengers comfortable and on time. For more information about Flight Preview visit

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Lindsay Takemoto

Lindsay Takemoto is a Senior Specialist in the Marcom division of Honeywell Aerospace. She joined Honeywell in August of 2015 and has a background in communications, digital marketing and social media. Previous roles include destination marketing and healthcare communications. She studied at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University.

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