Changing Lives and Inspiring a Lifetime of Learning

May 5, 2016 | Author: Sherry Shen

It’s not every day you get to witness lives being changed through the gift of learning. A recent visit to a school high in the mountains of Vietnam gave me that opportunity.

For years, I have supported Honeywell Hometown Solutions (HHS) programs for the Aerospace-Asia Pacific region and have seen donations make a real impact on recipients. However, my visit to Vietnam’s Ngai Thau primary school was remarkable and profound on both a personal and professional level.

Changing Lives and Inspiring a Lifetime of Learning

As the project leader of the 2016 Vietnam HHS program, I made a trip to Ngai Thau for a pre-check, and then again on April 7 with the HHS Vietnam delegation to celebrate the opening of the newest Honeywell Multimedia Learning Center.

Our group was led by Mai Thanh, Honeywell President of Vietnam, and Honeywell Aerospace representative Timothy Tan. We were joined by three special guests from Vietnam Airlines, who happily accepted our invitation for this meaningful journey.

Changing Lives and Inspiring a Lifetime of Learning

The school is located in the Lao Cai province, an eight-hour drive from Hanoi City, including a four-hour zigzagging bus ride through the mountainous area. The trek was a labor of love and I had no doubt the payoff would be substantial when the students saw their new learning environment.

For more than six months, HHS worked with a local charity organization, CCT (the Mountainous Underprivileged Students Fund), to determine beneficiaries of the $25,000 HHS grants. Four schools in the region were chosen to receive funds to pay for school supplies, equipment and technology to motivate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

In addition to the Ngai Thau primary school, Honeywell Multimedia Learning Centers were created at the Nhi Son and Trung Ly schools in Thanh Hoa province and Tung Chung Pho in Lao Cai province. Each center is complete with computers, tables, chairs, bookshelves, television screens, books and other digital study materials.

More than 2,000 underprivileged students of all ages will use these supplies for many years. We hope the equipment and technology inspires future innovators, scientists and engineers in the region and drive a lifetime love of learning.

For children who walk more than 18 miles each week from their homes to these boarding schools, the learning centers offer a multitude of educational books to read during their stay.

Older students are excited to finally have the opportunity to learn how to use computers like students in the big cities. The little ones now have more engaging lessons, thanks to the TV screens and other digital educational tools.

Changing Lives and Inspiring a Lifetime of Learning

Being part of this donation was sincerely rewarding. Watching the children’s faces light up when they saw the classrooms full of supplies and new technology was moving. The students were immediately drawn to the new desks, books and computers. I was not prepared for the enthusiasm they displayed and the appreciation they had for the donations.

The new learning centers and educational tools literally will change these students’ lives, expanding their awareness of the world around them and inspiring them to reach for greater things in life.

While the extensive travel necessary to reach the site at times seemed insanely long and tedious, ultimately it was worth it. The support and commitment we saw from Honeywell to these underprivileged students was moving beyond words.

Honeywell Hometown Solutions, the company’s corporate citizenship initiative, strives to educate and empower students, especially those living below the poverty line, with the essentials for a better life. For more information about the good work HHS is doing, supported with generous donations from employees around the world, visit our website.

Sherry Shen

Sherry Shen

Sherry Shen is the digital communications manager and marketing communications coordination leader at Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific. She’s also leading the HHS initiatives in China and High Growth Region in APAC.

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