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March 1, 2016 | Author: Lindsay Norman

If you’ve ever owned an older car that you couldn’t part with, then you’ve probably spent time and energy managing repairs. Sometimes the labor of love is worth it for a car that is made exceptionally well, or carries some level of sentimental value. A few considerations must be made before spending said hard-earned money, and having a reliable repair shop and trust worthy professionals is key during this process.

Much of the same can be said for aging aircraft. Whether it’s finding a rare part or getting the repair made within a specific timeframe, owners and operators must feel confident that the work is being done with a high level of integrity and at a competitive price. The Honeywell Aerospace Trading (HAT) program does just this. It is the one-stop-shop for all parts used, refurbished and hard-to-find. HAT provides support for the air transport and cargo market with products for all aircraft types. The program covers the most critical components from Avionics and APUs to Mechanical Systems and Wheels & Brakes. And the best part is that HAT is a global business servicing a wide range of customers and markets.


Lee JacobsLee Jacobs, a Senior Business Manager with Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix explains why he enjoys his role.

“I really enjoy my current role within HAT because I have the opportunity to help set the strategy for this part of the business while also having the opportunity to work across all global regions, other functions within HAT and Honeywell, as well as key customers and suppliers to our business. I also enjoy having a great team with extensive experience working with me here at HAT.”

This business model is unique in that it operates more like a small business due to the regional focus and personalized service. There are offices in the US, Europe and Asia strategically located for optimal delivery. Customers receive local services, but can enjoy the expertise and support of a large corporation.


Fulvio BarbatiFulvio Barbati, a Sales Manager out of Prague shares his thoughts on this niche business within Honeywell. He explains that Europe has a very different aerospace trading market, “The space is very competitive and anyone can offer parts trading services, so Honeywell has to do a superior job in order to stay relevant.”

While the US might have a dozen or so major airline carriers, Europe has hundreds, so Honeywell has a huge opportunity, however also a lot of differing customers and needs to stay mindful of.

A differentiator for Honeywell is that we are the original equipment manufacturer, so customers can take comfort in working directly with us, just as a car owner might prefer a dealership over a third-party repair shop. However; as Barbati points out, anyone with the desire and knowledge can dismantle an aircraft and sell the parts at a low cost, so we must stay aware of the options that face our customers.

Asia Pacific

Yan Xin SunHAT is a high-growth global business, and no one understands this better than Yan Xin Sun, a Sales Leader working in the Asia Pacific market. He says that customer service is a huge driving force behind the buying decisions of many of our customers. While it can take months for a contract to be signed, once the decision is made the expectation is that Honeywell can and will deliver instantly. In this part of the world it’s easy to understand why air travel is so critical given that many nations are mere islands and even on the mainland, the terrain is vast and requires flight for a reasonable travel schedule.

According to Sun, China is responsible for almost half of the APAC aftermarket business, and with the growth of HAT doubling every year in Southeast Asia and other high-growth regions, the business is healthy and expanding in this part of the world.

Honeywell’s Aerospace Trading program aims to accommodate customers regardless of location, fleet size, budget or aircraft age. The expertise and breadth of offerings keeps customers in the air and satisfied year after year. For more information on HAT, visit our service page.

Lindsay Norman

Lindsay Takemoto

Lindsay Takemoto is a Senior Specialist in the Marcom division of Honeywell Aerospace. She joined Honeywell in August of 2015 and has a background in communications, digital marketing and social media. Previous roles include destination marketing and healthcare communications. She studied at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University.

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