Flying Around the World, Yet “Deeply Rooted” in the Chinese Aviation Industry - Part I

March 22, 2016

Interview with Briand Greer

HU Tao, China Highlights, Xinhua News Agency

“Growing up with a father who is a pilot, I had no choice but to follow him and fly all over the world. Come to think of it, all of life’s experiences and difficulties only make us stronger and more flexible.” According to an American who created the world’s first online trading of aerospace products, he finds his experience exploring China even more riveting.

Briand GreerThis former US Navy officer was not only an accomplished VS-29 naval flight officer, but also had boarded the “USS Carl Vinson”. As we bid a farewell to our fifth year spent in China, Mr. Briand Greer, President for Honeywell Aerospace Asia-Pacific, had this to say, “We see China as having ‘community of common destiny’. Being deeply grounded in China, we are fortunate to witness this historical moment and more dreams of flight.”

Witnessing history with dreams of flight

For 2015, this American, who is full of legendary experience, has two moments hidden deep in his heart. First is China’s indigenous development of the large passenger aircraft C919 rolling out from an assembly line in Shanghai, which he, as well as many participants, “almost cried from so much excitement”. Second is sharing his experience as a pilot with local minority children in Xiji County, Ningxia, and encourage the children in China’s far northwest to explore the outside world.

Briand Greer“We hope we can open more opportunities for you all in the future, so that everyone has the opportunity to realize the dream of flight. I hope that you dare to dream, dare to pursue your dreams, and dare to realize those dreams. Your efforts today will lead you to your future success, and to a brighter tomorrow,” said Mr. Greer to the children.

These two moments experienced by Mr. Greer come from the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), an important partner of Honeywell Aerospace and a developer of large China-made aircrafts, as well as 2015 COMAC-Honeywell Hometown Solutions in Xiji County – a CSR campaign to realize social responsibility in China and a partner for promoting the advancement of the Chinese aviation industry.

Briand GreerOn November 11, China’s homegrown large passenger aircraft known as C919 first rolled out from the production line at COMAC. Beside the red curtain, Mr. Greer witnessed a historical moment when the aircraft slowly glided by.

At the offline ceremony, he along with partners and suppliers from home and abroad, watched the documentary of the entire review of the C919 on the giant electronic display of COMAC’s general assembly workshop located in Shanghai, covering from project initiation to the offline ceremony and their contribution to this large Chinese aircraft. Honeywell was on the contributor list. In front of the first large aircraft that just rolled offline, he shook hands with partners who worked hard together over the past years, greeting and congratulating each other.

Briand GreerFew knew that Mr. Greer hurried back here immediately following completion of his surgical operation on his shoulder back in America. After stripping off his bandages and with his suit on, he insisted on putting his best image forward to welcome the roll-out ceremony of this large aircraft developed through our joint efforts.

“As an international supplier of important systems, the commitments and feelings that we dedicated to this large aircraft escorted its growth, as we were ‘community of common destiny’. Moreover, we are deeply rooted in the development progress of the Chinese aviation industry,” said Mr. Greer. Honeywell considers that the birth of the C919 aircraft signals fast growth in the Chinese aviation industry, which persuasively refutes the skepticism over the C919 and the Chinese aviation industry.

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