Working at Honeywell, a Top Notch Aerospace Company

June 27, 2016 | Author: Christopher Boyle

In the midst of an Aerospace career that has now reached 36 years, I have been through several decades of a changing technological world. Since before my time, and continuing today, Honeywell has been a top notch player in that engineering world. Honeywell is replete with history, innovation, and the ability to succeed in a competitive and changing economic world, and I have had the privilege of working for Honeywell for the past 27 years. Among the top aerospace companies, Honeywell is among the elite. From the outside, Honeywell is a household name. From the inside, Honeywell is a company that elicits pride and honor for those of us who have the opportunity to work there. For me, to be among the amazingly talented engineers that work for Honeywell, to work side by side and learn from them, is why I am proud and honored.

Last summer, for a vacation, I was boarding a plane to California and my seat was next to the window, overlooking the right wing of the aircraft. As I watched the wing ailerons and spoilers move during the flight, it dawned on me that I have been among the Honeywell engineers who develop electronics that move those surfaces. Of the millions of people who fly on airplanes each year, how many of the passengers have the privilege of looking out the window at the wing surfaces and realizing something like that? As a Honeywell employee, I have had that privilege, along with the satisfaction of knowing that I have been a part of the engineering success that makes safe air travel the norm in a busy transportation world.

But it is not just the job that brings me a sense of happiness, but also how the company has adapted and grown over the years. My engineering career is seasoned enough to realize how competitive the technology business is, and just some of what it takes to succeed.

Attracting the top engineering and business talent and weaving a history of developing leading technological products are indeed significant feats, yet in modern global economics, more is needed for a company to maintain an elite status.

Honeywell is finding ways to allow the diversity of cultures in the world to enhance business pursuits and maintain their elite status. I have become accustomed to coordinating with Honeywell locations in countries such as Czech Republic and China, which gives us the capability to work around the clock. This is something that has become essential to the infrastructure of successful engineering companies.

For me, Honeywell has been at the cornerstone of a solid career in aerospace engineering. Working among the minds who have created and developed some of the world’s cutting edge technological products has been a humbling and rewarding experience. Working for a company that is among the most adept in the business world has infused me with knowledge of survival in highly competitive economic conditions. Seeing the technology develop, and the masterful ways that Honeywell has adapted to a changing world, with growing and developing business needs, has been truly awe inspiring.

Christopher Boyle

Christopher Boyle

Christopher is a Technical Manager with Honeywell, in the Control Systems COE, within the Aerospace Engineering and Technology organization. Christopher is responsible for the Systems Engineering development of the Primus Epic Fly By Wire Electronic Flight Controls systems. Christopher has been in Aerospace Engineering for 36 years, and with Honeywell for 27 years.

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