Solo Across the Atlantic

June 27, 2016 | Author: Shane Tedjarati

Follow Shane Tedjarati as he flies across the Atlantic in his Cessna Citation Mustang he lovingly calls Josephine. His only copilot? His bear, Vladmir, who always accompanies him around the world. His uniform boasts pins from their travels together. Keep coming back for more video blogs and beautiful imagery from Shane. UPDATE: His trip has now wrapped up, but you can follow the journey here.


Final landing, back in Morristown, New Jersey:

On approach to Morristown, New Jersey, talking about the milestones he has accomplished:

Landing in Aberdeen, Scotland:

Through the clouds to London:

The beautiful arrival into the United Kingdom:

Scene Arriving in UK

Shane, safely arrived in London:

Shane Safely Arrived in London

A man in London remembers Shane and Vladmir:

Man in London remembers Vladmir

Last leg, heading to Wick, Scotland from Iceland:

Land below:

Iceland below

Landing in Iceland:

View over Greenland:

Greenland to Iceland:


Out the cockpit window:

Cockpit over Iceland

Pilots refuel in Greenland:

Shane and Vladmir during refuel

Vladmir, the copilot bear, watches the refueling in Greenland:

Vladmir watching refuel

Shane captured the beautiful landing in Greenland:

Shane's update before day two, about to travel from Canada to Greenland:

Pilot Shane at the cockpit:

Pilot Shane in the Cockpit

Shane's report during the trip from Morristown, New Jersey to Goose Bay, Canada, where he mentions the Weather Information Service app:

On getting ready for the journey:

Vladmir, the "copilot":

Vladmir the bear co-pilot

Shane Tedjarati

Shane Tedjarati

President Global High Growth Regions

Shane Tedjarati is responsible for driving Honeywell’s business expansion in High Growth Regions of the world: Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Tedjarati is an avid aviator. He has lived in China for more than 20 years and speaks six languages. Read more about Shane at

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  • akshay

    your solo trip across atlantic reminds me of my first solo trip to my home town... :) of course on BIKE..:)

  • Luciano Barragan

    Awesome!. I hope Vladimir is not too jetlagged. :-)

  • Arun Raj

    It was a great achievement from Shane...wonderful...would love to watch some videos from his trip. Regards, Arun

  • Orlanda

    I had no idea of his passion for flying. His story is inspiring, showing us that whatever is possible. It is a shame that not all pictures can been seen in this page, hopefully those are fixed soon.