Honeywell Intern Life: Like No Other

June 2, 2016 | Author: Amanda Jensen


That is the word I would use to describe my time as an intern at Honeywell Aerospace thus far.

When I started my internship, I didn’t know much about the world of aerospace or about the company itself for that matter. Little did I know that all of this was about to change within a week of my internship start date.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to participate in Honeywell Aerospace’s second bi-annual International Media Day. I worked alongside the members of our media relations team to ensure that the attendees, reporters from both international and domestic media, were having an enjoyable and informational experience. I also had the chance to sit in on all of the presentations and participate in every tour and demonstration throughout the week.

The 3-day event was jam-packed with information and awesome experiences, but a few of them were especially memorable.

On the first day, I sat in on 101 classes in Avionics and Engines. They were presented in a crash-course style and were a perfect way to give me a basic overview of key topics in the aerospace industry. Even though the presentations were designed for reporters, they also ended up being extremely helpful for a newcomer like me.

Day two provided me with the chance to visit Honeywell’s Deer Valley facility and tour advanced technology labs where some of the world’s greatest minds come together to create incredible cockpit technologies that are on the cutting edge aerospace.

I visited the TRACS lab, where Honeywell works on its Smartview Synthetic Vision System (SVS), which improves safety and makes instrument flying easier for pilots. I saw the latest advancements in neurotechnology, where engineers have tested a system that allows a pilot to fly an airplane using only their thoughts.

At Deer Valley, I also learned about new mobile apps that are enhancing Honeywell’s services from gate-to-gate. The coolest part is that they are not only for pilots, but also for other important personnel in the aviation industry. I saw things like Honeywell Aviaso’s Fuel Efficiency software, which helps airlines and pilots track and improve their fuel efficiency and the Go Direct™ Maintenance Advisor app, which supports maintenance staff and allows them to get airplanes repaired faster and at a lower cost.

The last day was my favorite. After learning about basic avionics and engine functions and seeing the amazing new technology in the labs, I finally had the chance to see everything working in action. I got to fly around for a few hours in Honeywell Aerospace’s Boeing 757 test bed aircraft, which is essentially a flying lab where engineers put their new technologies to the test and see how they work in flight. It was so cool to see the SmartRunway/SmartLanding (RAAS), IntuVue RDR-4000 3D Weather Radar in action. It was truly like science fiction. I also walked down an engine assembly line and watched 3D printers build airplane parts with additive manufacturing.

Beyond all of this, I had the chance to spend time interacting with 32 reporters from 11 different countries. I love meeting new people and I am fascinated by the world we live in, so hearing about their experiences and learning new things about their lifestyles and cultures was the icing on the cake.

I am currently only seven days into my time at Honeywell Aerospace, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had more eye-opening experiences and learned more than most people do throughout their entire internship. I am so lucky to be here, and so happy that life led me to where I am now. I am completely blown away by everything I saw this week and I think it’s safe to say I am officially on my way to becoming an #avgeek.

I hope I continue to learn about the world of media relations and the aerospace industry and I look forward to what is in store for me throughout the rest of the summer.

Amanda Jensen

Amanda Jensen

External Communications Specialist