Honeywell and Garrett Boost Teams to Pikes Peak Summit

June 20, 2016 | Author: Justin Ocello

Whether the number of yards in a football game or the number of points scored by an individual player in a basketball game, 100 signifies momentous occasions in the world of sports. This year, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is celebrating 100 years of racing to the summit of America’s Mountain.

There is no other race like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The event is a 12.42-mile race against the clock, around more than 150 corners, to the 14,000-foot summit of Pikes Peak.  Electric cars, motorcycles, sidecars, trucks, and cars are piloted by privateers and pros alike, all standing side by side. So you want to race against the pros? This is the place to do it. 

This year, Garrett by Honeywell is a sponsor of the race and has been named the official turbo of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Honeywell believes in using all types of motorsports as a proving ground for automotive technology. Whether it’s the advanced engine development of Le Mans and Formula One or the grassroots efforts of the hill climb, this race sees teams boosting their engines with readily available Garrett aftermarket turbochargers and tuning them to the specific challenges of the race. 

The race tests driver and machine alike. The thinner air at 14,000 feet robs engines of ambient air needed to cool them. To compensate for this, Honeywell engineers tune the cars’ turbochargers (which pull in ambient air, compress it and force it into the engine to enhance performance) to spin at a much higher RPM than normal. Like the engines, drivers are robbed of oxygen-rich air. The thinner air makes it harder to breathe as they near the top, decreasing reaction times and even blurring vision at a critical moment of the race. These considerations are completely unique to the hill climb’s extremely sharp gain in elevation.

To celebrate the 100-year milestone, we invite you to help us assemble a collection of the top 100 moments of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb throughout the history of the race. To participate, simply visit this link and submit your best Pikes Peak photo. Make sure to share on social with the hashtag #PPIHCTop100 and follow @Honeywell_Turbo on Twitter and @TurboByGarrett on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for on-the-ground race photos and videos.

Wondering what to share? Do you have an artsy photo of the sun setting over the majestic Pikes Peak? That sounds great. An old-timey shot of your Great-Grand Pappy Horace racing at the very first hill climb? We definitely want to see that! 

Justin Ocello

Justin Ocello

Justin Ocello manages the global performance aftermarket business at Garrett by Honeywell.