How to Become a Great Leader: An Employee’s Perspective

July 27, 2016 | Author: Srividhya Gowri Sivakumaran

At last! I got through my interview and was selected for Honeywell’s ISC-Producibility Team. It was time to move to a new team, meet new people, set new goals, and work on some top-notch projects in a challenging and dynamic environment. What I didn’t realize at the time is that I was being given the opportunity to work with two incredible leaders.

As a new-comer, I was given a warm welcome by everyone on the team. I was happy to be there and challenged by my new duties. Members of my team were stationed all over the globe; some in India, some in Puerto Rico, others in the U.S., so we needed to figure out how to work together despite our time-zone differences.

Thankfully my leaders, Edward Leydon and Jason Mork, were understanding and flexible when scheduling daily meetings. They encouraged relationships to be built and transparency. On one occasion, they even approved a short bubble assignment to the U.S., where everyone from the team met in one conference room to discuss our goals and shortfalls.

I didn’t notice it at first, but looking back I realize Edward and Jason both possessed several key leadership skills that were needed for our newly built team to be successful. I compiled a list of some of the things Edward and Jason did in order to create a positive work environment:

  1. They showed commitment to the team by brainstorming and developing new ideas
  2. They sent motivational emails and showed appreciation, even for the small stuff
  3. They addressed concerns on a daily basis, which lessened wait time & ambiguity
  4. They provided a range of working techniques, such as knowledge sharing sessions to fill gaps
  5. They were always reachable, flexible to answer queries even ambiguous matters
  6. They passed down organizational goals & feedback from upper-management to the team effectively & flawlessly
  7. They showed empathy during emergency situations
  8. They had always had a strong back up plan in case of an emergency
  9. They were down to earth, knowledgeable and possessed decision-making skills.
  10. They quickly integrated new team members by identifying their strengths and defining their contributions.
  11. They made every effort to help every members know his/her value to the team

Edward and Jason’s leadership meant the world to me in my career path & I wish to follow the same footsteps in future when I become a leader. Their leadership enhanced our team, took us to the next level, enhanced productivity and made team-building easy. I hope other managers or leaders implement the same practices, so others can have the same positive experience as I did. In this journey, I would also like to thank Bhakti Kulkarni, Pedro Asencio and Virginia Shepardson for giving this exposure.

Srividhya Gowri Sivakumaran

Srividhya Gowri Sivakumaran

Srividhya works as a Program Planning & Control Analyst in Aerospace Domain for ISC-Producibility Team. She is a Toast master member and holds a leadership role as Seargent at Arms for Toastmaster International Honeywell Club in Bengaluru, India. She loves writing poems and short stories and enjoys leading people in hopes of helping them achieve their goals. One day she hopes to volunteer her time to teach how to lead a stress-free lifestyle using yoga and other meditation techniques. Her personal philosophy is to "live in the moment."

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