Honeywell’s Global Data Center Celebrates 30 Years of Customer Success

July 12, 2016 | Author: Lindsay Takemoto

Honeywell has a unique division within its vast network of businesses that sets the standard for customer service. The Global Data Center (GDC) has a 30-year history of flight support services that ranges from air traffic coordination to integrated trip support, flight planning, weather services and so much more. The GDC is a 24/7 operation staffed with specialized aviation professionals available to customers anywhere in the world.

One of the GDC’s customers, London Air Services located in British Columbia recently explained why they are constantly impressed with the attention and service provided to them by the GDC.

Chief Pilot for the Fixed Wing Division, Gary Farn, explained that not only does the GDC deliver excellent customer service but they also involve him in innovation as well, “Honeywell has thought of everything for the GDC app, but when we do make suggestions they find ways to implement them!”

Diana NakelskiDiana Nakelski, a GDC manager, agrees that it is the personal touch and one-to-one attention that sets the GDC apart. She recently made an unscheduled trip to visit with London Air when they were reporting strange anomalies with the GDC app on their iPads. Because other customers were not experiencing the same issues, Diana needed to see the problems first-hand. It turned out the problem was the version of iPad being used and it was different from the generation the GDC had used in testing. Once this was discovered the issue was easy to rectify. However, had the in-person visit not occurred, the app bugs would not have been discovered and confusion would surely have continued.

There is often pressure associated with managing a business travel operation anywhere in the world. Audits are a reality and when London Air was required by Transport Canada (equivalent to the American FAA) to supply data, they had to act fast. While flight plans were typically accessible for 28 days via the GDC’s website, an audit can require that operators go back in time much further. The GDC recognized this and developed a tool that could retrieve data dating up to three years old. Now London Air has the peace of mind that their data is safely secured, and also available at a moment’s notice.

Nakelski knows technologies like apps are giving pilots more knowledge and more control while on the go. The future of the GDC is continuous improvement and enhanced capabilities. New apps and services like GoDirect Flight Preview, cabin connectivity and fuel savings are all on the horizon to impact the aviation industry.

The GDC is a part of the GoDirect portfolio of subscription services. With GoDirect, Honeywell provides operators, maintenance crews and pilots with a one-stop shop for the services they need to improve their operations, enhance safety and reduce costs.

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Lindsay Takemoto

Lindsay Takemoto is a Senior Specialist in the Marcom division of Honeywell Aerospace. She joined Honeywell in August of 2015 and has a background in communications, digital marketing and social media. Previous roles include destination marketing and healthcare communications. She studied at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University.

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