A Little Does a Lot

July 14, 2016 | Author: Rachel White

“A little does a lot” is my personal and professional mantra. I find it applies to almost anything and everything we do at Honeywell. Big actions definitely have big effect, but small, collective behaviors and actions can have a greater impact. This is especially true when it comes to energy conservation.

Back in 2011, Honeywell Aerospace Bournemouth, a small site in the UK was challenged to improve efficiency. To address it, employees came up with many ideas centered on energy conservation, from water recycling to waste disposal. Most of them were implemented and generated significant savings. “If one small site can do it, why can’t we do the same elsewhere?” was a question that I asked myself.

Happily, that has translated into the emergence of an annual Honeywell Energy Week. We started small. But since launching in 2012, the program has expanded from a regional Aerospace initiative to other Honeywell businesses each October. Our ongoing theme naturally is: A little does a lot.

We create a simple, user-friendly tool kit for this initiative, and produce a fun, animated video each year that brings the topic to life. “Less is more”, “Save today for tomorrow!” are just a sample of daily, simple messages shared throughout the week. We encourage energy-saving ideas from all employees not only at work but also at home. A little work upfront has paid off as each year we add more Energy stars to our group. A little does a lot.

In my career, I’ve made a lot of changes – working on three continents (Asia, Europe and the U.S.). Each little change requires a leap of faith. I’ve moved countries many times and I see how I have benefitted from each transfer. These types of relocations help me understand how people can be resistant to change, but I like supporting change.

As we’ve looked for changes and improvements in energy efficiency and environmental stewardship through Energy Week, I’m pleased how colleagues across the globe have embraced it and stepped up to help sustain it.

I feel strongly that saving energy is the right thing to do – for the planet, for people and for Honeywell. Energy Week’s success underscores the passion many people have for saving energy and positively affecting our environment. Collectively, our small ideas, our behaviors are making a great impact. Sometimes a little does a lot.

Together we continue to demonstrate it’s true: A little does a lot.

Rachel White

Rachael White

Rachael White is a Transformational Specialist in Rolle, Switzerland. Since pioneering the first Honeywell Energy Week in 2012, she’s watched her energy-saving and environmental interests spread to other Honeywell regions and businesses, including Transportation Systems, Automation & Control Solutions and Environmental and Combustion Controls. In 2013, she received the Chairman’s Award from Honeywell CEO and Chairman Dave Cote for her contributions to the company’s Health, Safety and Environment goals.

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