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January 21, 2016 | Author: Kristin Guthrie

To Expand Profits, Focus on Emotions

Most traditional business studies track customer satisfaction in black or white: either your audience likes your service, or they don’t.

But as new ways of collecting data are developed, it’s becoming clear that the gray area of emotion plays a significant role in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

family airport 325Touch an Emotional Nerve

Using emotive projection testing to measure responses, a team of food researchers looked at what emotional effects eating flavored yogurts had on participant moods.

Their research found that while there was a wide variety of yogurts people said they ”liked,” test data overwhelmingly showed that eating vanilla yogurt made people feel happy.

“Most strikingly, vanilla yogurt elicited a strong positive emotional response. This supports previous evidence that a subtle vanilla scent in places like hospital waiting rooms can reduce aggression. It also encourages relationships among patients and between patients and staff” said Dr. Jozina Mojet, lead author of the study.

Boys with airplane 375Potential Airline Implication

People respond emotionally and positively to vanilla. It changes their outlook. Whatever experience they’re having, vanilla enhances their enjoyment. Can inflight food choices impact the perception of the flight crew and improve passenger mood?

Try adding a scent of vanilla to areas passengers congregate. Or put vanilla yogurt on the in-flight menu.

focus group325Honeywell’s Take on the Research

Perhaps just as important as what the study found was the research technique itself. The ability to get past the thumbs-up/thumbs down assessment of customers' satisfaction or interest and tap into evoked emotions. As Dr. Mojet underscored, “The findings suggest that the new method could be an effective way to gather information about a product before taking it to market.”

Imagine describing a new product concept or even a proposed process change to a focus group. Then measuring their emotional response to a series of unrelated photographs. Did concept A generate a happier emotion than concept B? What are your thoughts? Would this be more insightful than measuring explicit preference between product A versus product B?

Kristin Guthrie

Kristin Guthrie

Kristin Guthrie is the Vice President of Customer Experience for Honeywell Aerospace. She is the advocate for the AT&R customer experience (CX), translating the CX vision into action benefiting customers via multiple channels and touch points. Kristin has over 21 years of leadership experience positioning brands, products, and services in various sectors, including aerospace, home security, and consumer electronics. Kristin has a track record for promoting and building brands with customers, advertisers, strategic partners, and celebrity sponsors. She has received a number of awards for her outstanding success as a marketing professional. Kristin has an MBA from the University of North Texas and a B.S. in Marketing from, Kansas State University. She is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and is also Marketing Leadership Education Program certified.

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