3D Printing Applies to Spacecraft and Safety Shoes

December 09, 2016 | Author: Donald Godfrey

If Honeywell Aerospace can use additive manufacturing to develop high-quality parts for airplanes and spacecraft, imagine how we can apply that very same expertise to making shoes for Honeywell Safety Products.

These diverse applications of our expertise exist side-by-side at our 3D printing laboratory in Brno, Czech Republic, where technicians use the latest technologies to design better products faster.

Safety shoes are a vital element of a factory worker’s personal protective equipment. Workers rely on Honeywell shoes to protect their feet and keep them on-the-job and injury free. Different work environments require additional safety features, such as metatarsal protection, chemical and liquid-resistant materials, slip-resistant outsoles, underfoot puncture protection and electrical hazard rated outsoles.

Honeywell safety products combine innovations, high technology with patented concepts, comfort and end user well-being to guarantee durable and reliable products and satisfy the needs of customers

Designing and producing these various types of shoes involves making multiple prototypes for testing. 3D printing allows Honeywell to design better products faster using the Polyjet 3D printing technology developed by Stratasys-Objet.

Objet Polyjet ProcessPolyJet is a 3D printing technology that jets layers of liquid photopolymer as thin as 16 microns (0.0006”) to build models and prototypes with extremely complex geometries, fine details and smooth surfaces. The technology even allows for combining multiple materials in one print to create over-molded parts and models with multiple durometers.

Using the latest 3D printing technologies, Honeywell employees working with the technology have learned how to remove days from simple prototype projects and months from more complex projects.

shoe printing lab in brno

Shoe Printing Lab in Brno

Donald Godfrey

Donald Godfrey

Donald Godfrey is an engineering fellow at Honeywell Aerospace.

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