The Importance of an STC in Aviation

August 9, 2016 | Author: Jeremy Dingman

According to the FAA, a supplemental type certificate (STC) is “a type certificate issued when an applicant has received FAA approval to modify an aeronautical product from its original design.”

However, for those who’ve never worked on an aircraft or know the requirements needed to work on an aircraft, this definition doesn’t explain how important an STC is to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and aftermarket service centers all around the world. Without an STC, companies that build or modify aircraft wouldn’t be able to make the improvements necessary to keep the planes we fly compliant with the upcoming mandates.

From airlines to business jets, Honeywell is committed to keeping OEMs and aftermarket service centers ready for upcoming mandates and the upgrades necessary to operate your aircraft for years to come.

Here is a list of some of our most recent STCs in 2016, available to the Honeywell dealer network:

Honeywell Solution STC Owner Airframe FAA Approved EASA Approved
DU-875 Dassault/StandardAero  F900EX/C  X  
CMU Mark III Dassault
F900EX/C X X
CMU Mark III Duncan Aviation  CL600/601 X X
FMS 6.1 Dassault  F900EX/C X X
FMS 6.1 Dassault/ Jet Aviation  F900A/B X TBD
FMS 6.1 Beechcraft/ Elliott Aviation H800/800XP X TBD
FMS 6.1 Chippewa  EMB135/145  X TBD 
CD830 MNG  H800  In process


ADS-B Out Primus II Program STC Owner Airframe FAA Approved EASA Approved
Primus II 1000 BAS Service Center  L40/45 X TBD 
Primus II 1000 Chippewa
E135/145 X TBD
Primus II 1000 Duncan Aviation  C560/H800/CL601 X TBD
Primus II 1000 Flightstar  L40/45 X TBD
Primus II ProStar Aviation  C550/560/650/750,CL601,
GEX, H800, L40/45

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Jeremy Dingman

Jeremy Dingman

Jeremy Dingman is the Senior Manager of Marketing for Honeywell’s HGuide Inertial Sensor and Navigation business and UAV Inspection Services business. Jeremy joined Honeywell in 2015 and has worked in e-commerce, channel marketing, digital marketing, copy-writing and web development.

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