Honeywell Interns

August 10, 2016 | Author: Kathy Weir

In early June, I noticed that the Phoenix Engines campus was getting more crowded – longer lines in the cafeteria, crammed parking lots and hard-to-find conference room availability. The interns were here! As I saw more and more of them in the hallways, I was curious to find out: what is their perception of Honeywell? So, I spoke with several of them and below are my findings.

Honeywell has a strong presence and reputation amongst universities. The interns I spoke with stated that Honeywell’s presence at colleges is widely known. At Michigan State University, Honeywell hosts information sessions, mixers and other events that allow students the opportunity to interact with full-time employees. At Arizona State University, Honeywell employees present at the college’s chapter of SWE (Society of Women Engineers).

Honeywell uses cutting edge technology. One intern was encouraged to see Honeywell place emphasis on the importance of integrating more advanced software technology to continue being a leader within their businesses. Another was impressed with how passionate Honeywell employees are about their technology and the quality of Honeywell’s products.

Honeywell is much more than a large, global corporation. Having had some knowledge that Honeywell is an industrial company that develops and produces defense technology, some of the interns were surprised to find the culture collaborative and inviting; and its employees passionate about the work that they do. Regardless of Honeywell’s size, some interns feel that the culture instills a “family feeling” and that there is a high degree of support and access to leadership from all levels. One intern commented on the variety of opportunities available at Honeywell. Being a mechanical engineer, she was given the chance to learn about the other jobs in different parts of the company and was amazed of the synergetic feeling of Honeywell’s employee community.

The Honeywell employees have made the intern experience a positive one. Every intern mentioned that the people they have worked with has been the best part of this experience. The friendliness and helpfulness of the employees have been noted amongst all the interns, who have felt included and treated like everyone else. One intern noted that she was happy to see employees enjoying their job and taking pride in their work. Another enjoyed collaborating with employees, listening to their career paths and getting advice from them.

Their work is supported and serves a greater purpose. A couple of interns commented that their involvement and projects have been supported and appreciated. They felt that their contributions made a difference.

Intern-only events provides informational and networking opportunities. During their summer, the interns interacted with each other through community activities, training and lectures. These components have helped the interns have a deeper understanding of the variety of Honeywell’s product line and the impact they have on our daily routine and overall life.

The intern program is an enjoyable experience. When asked what they would change about their experience at Honeywell, most said nothing. However, when prompted further, they provided some suggestions which include a brief meeting with HR upon their arrival (to sort out any logistical questions); have the ability to shadow different roles; and to get the chance to see their project through to completion.

As the summer comes to an end, it will be sad not to see these friendly, young faces roam the halls and participate in meetings and activities. But their experience will be remembered – by the interns themselves and the Honeywell employees whom have had the pleasure of working with them.

Kathy Weir

Kathy joined Honeywell in October of 2013, where she has served as Executive Admin for PSE (Production Support Engineering) and prior for ETS.

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