Honeywell Helo Pilots Share Love of Flying – Part 5

August 15, 2016 | Author: Ron Wayman

Once a helicopter pilot, always a helicopter pilot. As we celebrate World Helicopter Day, five Honeywell Aerospace employees – all current and former helicopter pilots – share a few thoughts on the art and science of flying these unique and versatile aircraft.

Rob Wayman, Call sign: Alvin

Senior test pilot Ron Wayman is rated in several fixed-wing aircraft, but his first love is helicopters. A former Marine pilot who flew the CH-46 Sea Knight during his 20-year career, he still gets a kick out flying “low and slow” in Airbus AS350 and Leonardo AW139 helicopters from his current home base in Everett, Wash. He’s about to relocate to Phoenix.

“Flying a helicopter is a completely different experience and in my mind a lot more fun,” he said. “The lower you are, the more you can enjoy the scenery. You use visual flight rules only, so you have to be aware of everything that’s going on around you. That’s why pilots value technologies like the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System that help them avoid terrain and other obstacles.”

In addition to flight testing the full range of Honeywell helicopter products, Wayman often demonstrates technologies for customers. “At previous Helicopter Association International shows I got to fly demo flights with our customers to show off advanced technologies like our Sky Connect mission management system and 3D weather radar. Needless to say, they were pretty impressed with all that we’ve got going.”

“I like the testing part of my job the most, because every flight is different,” he said. “Honeywell has a lot of very bright engineers who are coming up with some great ideas for technologies that make helicopters safer and more efficient. It’s really fun to work with our engineering teams and see the future of helicopter technology – there’s no better place than Honeywell for that.”

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Ron Wayman

Ron Wayman