Honeywell Helo Pilots Share Love of Flying – Part 4

August 15, 2016 | Author: Bob Lenz

Once a helicopter pilot, always a helicopter pilot. As we celebrate World Helicopter Day, five Honeywell Aerospace employees – all current and former helicopter pilots – share a few thoughts on the art and science of flying these unique and versatile aircraft.

Bob Lenz, Call sign: Phoenix 6

Bob Lenz sums up his feelings about helicopters this way: “They’re just dang cool!” Bob joined Honeywell in 2013 after a 20-year Army career during which he flew the UH-1 Huey and the Black Hawk.

“From flying combat troops into insertions, to supplying guys on hilltops, to flying rescue missions and firefighting support … no other aircraft type comes close to a helicopter when it comes to mission diversity,” he said. Lenz flew missions in Bosnia, was based in Germany and served as a company commander with the 101st Airborne, leading an air assault company of 15 Black Hawks. He also deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq in a nonflying role while doing force-modernization work for the Army.

“The Army taught me about leadership,” he said. “The best leaders take care of the people around them by providing the resources, training and support they need. You do that successfully and the unit will be successful. I’ve been able to apply many of the lessons I learned in the Army to my personal life and the work I do at Honeywell.”

Lenz works in Urbana where he is senior manager of the electric power and lighting enterprise. “We build products that go onto the helicopters I used to fly,” he said. “From the pilot’s perspective, one of the most exciting technologies we’re working on is a new universal search light for helicopters, which will be useful in various military, law enforcement and search and rescue operations. As pilots ourselves, we understand what’s important to pilots.”

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