Honeywell Helo Pilots Share Love of Flying – Part 2

August 15, 2016 | Author: Rob Erlick

Once a helicopter pilot, always a helicopter pilot. As we celebrate World Helicopter Day, five Honeywell Aerospace employees – all current and former helicopter pilots – share a few thoughts on the art and science of flying these unique and versatile aircraft.

Rob Erlick, Flying Leonardo AW139

Heloblog1Rob Erlick gets to blend the best of both worlds. In his flight technical services position in Phoenix, he flies the helicopters Honeywell uses to test and demonstrate new technologies. An Army and National Guard veteran who flew Black Hawks on medivac and other missions in Bosnia, Korea, Iraq and stateside, he now pilots fixed wing aircraft and Leonardo AW139 helicopters.

“We’re trying to improve the flying experience for helicopter pilots with our safety, navigation and communications technologies,” Erlick said. “For example, it’s exciting to see commercial airline technology come down to helicopters to improve situational awareness.”


“In a helicopter, most of the time you’re not using instrument flight rules to fly set routes, so situational awareness is extremely important. Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems, synthetic vision, moving maps and flight management systems are examples of how we’re working to improve the tools and training at the helicopter pilot’s disposal.”

“I love to get my hands on the equipment,” he continued. “And I really enjoy showing our customers what we can do and getting their feedback, so I can pass it on to our research and development teams. They really value voice of the customer input, which is a core part of the Honeywell User Experience.”

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Rob Erlick

Rob Erlick

Program Pilot

Rob Erlick is a Program Pilot with Honeywell Flight Technical Services

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