Five of the Best Airport’s to Enjoy a Layover

April 21, 2016 | Author: Jeremy Dingman

I’d like to think that everyone hates waiting in the airport for their plane to arrive. Between the lines, the uncomfortable seating, the overpriced dining options and the chaos that comes with waiting at your gate, there just isn’t much to enjoy.

Lately, more airports have invested into the amenities that we’ve come accustomed to, improving passenger experience and making a layover more exciting. Without further ado, here are five of the best airport’s to enjoy a layover.

Five of the Best Airport’s to Enjoy of a Layover

  1. Changi, Airport, Singapore: Rooftop Pool/Themed Gardens/Napping Facilities/Movie Theaters

    Changi Airport in Singapore is home to some of the world’s most extravagant amenities found in an airport. No matter who you are, or how long you’re waiting, this airport has activities broken down for all passengers by duration and areas of interest.

    These amenities range from a rooftop pool, to napping facilities and movie theaters. Are you looking for a good place to capture a picture while you’re there? They’ve thought of that, too, with a section of their website devoted to showing you the best places to take a “selfie.”

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  2. Five of the Best Airport’s to Enjoy of a LayoverHong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong: Nine-hole golf course/ Outdoor Movies

    Stuck at Hong Kong International Airport? There’s no such thing. Passengers that are anxiously waiting for their flight can take a load off and practice their short game at their nine-hole golf course, Nine Eagle Golf Course, conveniently located within walking distance to the airport.

    Is golfing not your thing? Not a problem. With Hong Kong International Airport’s outdoor movies, passengers of all ages can enjoy a movie before their next flight without having to venture too far.

    Five of the Best Airport’s to Enjoy of a Layover
  3. Austin-Bergstrom Airport: Live Music & Art

    Austin, Texas has been dubbed time and time again as the “live music capital of the world.” Every year, people from around the world fly into Austin to see their favorite artists at the internationally-recognized, South by Southwest music festival along with several other high-profile concerts that never seem to miss this ever-growing city – and it doesn’t stop there.

    At Austin-Bergstrom Airport in Austin, Texas, you can go listen to one of the many live bands performing or take a tour of their local art gallery while you’re in the airport. Their “Music in the Air” concerts happen almost every day and offer travelers the opportunity to see local musicians perform while they wait – beats waiting at the overpriced piano bar, doesn’t it?
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    Five of the Best Airport’s to Enjoy of a Layover
  4. Incheon Airport, Seoul, South Korea: Guided Transit Tours

    We’ve all gotten to our gates far too early to the point where we’ve been on-time for the plane that is leaving the same gate three hours earlier than ours. At Incheon Airport in Seoul, South Korea, they’ve got your back for problems like this by offering their passengers guided transit tours.

    These tours are incredible, too. While you wait, you can visit several historical sites, tour local monuments and much more. These tours run anywhere from one to three hours and are only recommended to passengers with long layovers, but if you can plan it accordingly, a majority of the tours are free!

  5. Five of the Best Airport’s to Enjoy of a LayoverMunich International Airport, Munich, Bavaria, Germany: Beer Garden Photo

    Munich International Airport in Bavaria, Germany is home to brewery and beer garden, Airbrau. Airbrau’s beer garden is widely-known among passengers as one of the best places to enjoy a layover and is commonly reviewed as a great place to get an authentic, German beer and a bite to eat. Does this sound like your usual, boring layover? I didn’t think so.

Did we miss one of your favorite airports to enjoy a layover? Let us know in the comments section.

Jeremy Dingman

Jeremy Dingman

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