5 Signs You Work in Aerospace

April 18, 2016 | Author: Carrie Sinclair

  1. EngineerEverywhere you look, there’s an engineer!
    Here at Honeywell, we have more than 22,000 engineers globally. That’s more than 17 percent of the workforce, and those are only the folks who are actually doing engineering. That doesn’t count our executives in sales, marketing, supply chain, program management or elsewhere that have university engineering degrees. And more and more of them are women lately, too. Aviation Week does a fascinating study of the aerospace workforce each year. Interested in joining the team? Visit www.careersathoneywell.com.

  2. NetworkFrenemies!
    Other businesses can be your customer, your partner, your competitor, or all of the above. In other words, frenemies. In one example of a long list of examples, we are partnered with United Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney as ATEC to develop the next generation of defense helicopter engines. Despite that partnership, we offer competing systems, like our health usage monitoring systems. We also have partnerships with SAFRAN, Rolls-Royce and many others.
    We have fielded more than 50,000 electronic engine controls to the entire aerospace industry, yet we also offer our own line of engines.
    Having a diverse portfolio that makes you the supplier, vendor and partner in the same industry is a sign of being an aerospace company.
  3. APU

  4. Acronyms everywhere…
    There are at least two acronyms in every presentation slide. We've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating, as it’s a stalwart of the aerospace industry. ATM, TCAS, APU, you name it. A quick review of the top industry publications revealed acronyms in each, but who could blame them, with companies named by acronyms and aircraft regularly identified as acronyms?
    And like any good aerospace company, we make up our own acronyms too. You’ll have to read our blog to learn how to define GDC, WIS and HAPP.

  5. Know-it-all onboard
    When the airplane is about to take off, you are explaining various noises to other passengers. You calmly explain how the auxiliary power unit is starting the engines. You assure passengers how reliable the cabin pressurization system is, and carefully point out all the safety features of the aircraft.

  6. Glasses#avgeek
    You are an #avgeek. “Airline Reporter” defined the term. Generally aerospace employees are passionate about aviation. Some are focused more on space, some focused more on flying themselves, and some on business or air transport flight, but everyone I know that works at Honeywell is passionate about flight. When we have an opportunity to really put employees in front of aircraft, it is always well-received. (Check out the video when a Chinook landed at our Greer, South Carolina site.) In fact, it’s that insight that led us to the “Possibilities of Flight… Made Easy” value statement. Being an #avgeek means loving flight but also knowing that the sky really isn't the limit.

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Carrie Sinclair

Carrie Sinclair

Carrie Sinclair is the director of digital marketing at Honeywell Aerospace. Her responsibilities include content marketing, marketing automation, social and broadcast media and website innovation. In 15 years at Honeywell, Carrie has worked in a variety of roles, including marketing communications, strategic marketing, internet marketing, channel marketing, employee communications and media relations, across both commercial and defense segments. Before joining Honeywell, she was an account executive at Sullivan Higdon & Sink, an advertising and PR firm in Kansas City. Carrie has an MBA in marketing from the University of Kansas and a bachelor's of science from the University of Kansas' William Allen White School of Journalism. When she's not cheering on her alma mater (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!), she's cheering on her boys who play hockey, or knitting something to keep her warm when she cheers them on in hockey.

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