1 + 1 > 2?

September 9, 2015 | Author: Robert Xu

1 + 1 = 2 is as simple as primary school arithmetic. But in the real world, it’s possible to find examples where 1 + 1 > 2. 

One such example is the Honeywell Hometown Solutions project jointly operated by Honeywell and COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China). This September in Xiji, Ningxia Province, the two companies worked together to make life better for about 500 students. 

It’s commonly agreed that China should be categorized as a developing country. However a very few cities and regions in China start to touch the doorstep of the developed level - namely Beijing and Shanghai. However, the majority of China is still underdeveloped and some areas are still very poor. 

Xiji, the small county in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (Ningxia is the province with the third-smallest GDP in China) is one of the poorest in many ways.  The harsh natural environment make agriculture difficult and there is little chance for modern industry to take root, since labor costs in Ningxia are among the highest in China.

The poor local economy leads directly to poor education and substandard educational facilities. Thus, donation of books, computers, projectors, desks, chairs and other educational tools through the Honeywell Hometown Solutions (HHS) program helps to ease a serious situation in the local community to some extent. That could be counted as the FIRST WIN!

With the upgraded and added educational tools, the educational environment has changed significantly for students in the local schools. Even though their situation cannot be compared to that of kids in the big cities, they now have all the assets that will help them learn. This is the SECOND WIN! 

One of the priorities for Chinese local government officials is to attract investment. To do so, they need to constantly promote the various advantages and favorable policies they can offer to potential investors and tourists. With the successful Honeywell Hometown Solutions event supported by two world-class brands, more attention will be guided to the area. There is an expectation for more benefits out of the event in the future. Clearly it’s the THIRD WIN!

There has been a tendency to assume that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming a simpler behavior for many organizations. Many of them just sign the  check and donate money, without knowing if there is a true need or not. After that, they clap hands - job done. The worst outcome of such irresponsible behavior is that the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.

What Honeywell Aerospace APAC has been doing differently over past five years is that the Honeywell Hometown Solutions program has been brought into a different place every year. All these places have one thing in common: they are poor and in desperate need of educational improvements. So, it’s easy to tell the expanding footprint of APAC HHS on the China map, Tibet, Sichuan, Yunan, and now Ningxia. As many industry peers appraised, HHS has set up the right model on doing CSR in China. FOURTH WIN!

Another unique quality of our HHS program lies in its partnership. Each year, we partner with one company to jointly support HHS.

For example, when HHS was operated in Lhasa, Tibet, in 2012, one of the partners was Tibet Airlines. Tibet Airlines invited around 100 students to visit the airport and get on board their aircraft – a rare treat since many had not seen an airplane before. “This experience probably would change our entire life,” said a student after the visit. 

This year, it’s a milestone for Honeywell’s HHS by having COMAC’s strong support as partner – two global brands working together. HHS is a win for our partners, too, so that’s FIVE!

It is such an encouraging and exciting thing to see the smiling faces of those kids to see the positive changes to those local communities and governments, and to see more and more participation from our partners! 

That’s my simple formula: 1+1 > WINS!

Robert Xu

Robert Xu

Robert Xu is the Marcom Director for Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific.

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