Honeywell Maintenance Service Plans

October 27, 2015 | Author: Robert Wolfersteig

Your aircraft is a big investment worth protecting. Designed specifically for your Honeywell engines and auxiliary power units, maintenance service plan (MSP) is an efficient and cost-effective program offering a practical alternative for managing future maintenance expenses. Aircraft owner/operators have learned to rely on MSP to protect them from the unexpected. So avoid unplanned maintenance costs. Avoid downtime. Avoid unnecessary stress. After all, when it comes to your aircraft, time is money.

For more information about MSP or to obtain an enrollment quote, please contact any Honeywell Authorized Service Center or contact us at 602-365-3181 or via

Robert Wolfersteig

Robert Wolfersteig

Robert Wolfersteig is a Marketing Communications Manager at Honeywell Aerospace.

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