Button Push Loads Primus Epic® Databases Wirelessly

November 25, 2015 | Author: Robert Wolfersteig

Honeywell is now offering operators of Primus Epic®-equipped aircraft wireless delivery of database updates. This will allow pilots or maintenance personnel to download the latest data wirelessly to and from the aircraft with just a few button clicks. The Wireless Data Loader provides secure wireless connectivity to the Primus Epic cockpit, eliminating the need for special cabling and other equipment such as a computer, CDs or USB memory sticks while providing a gateway to future mobile apps.

"All it takes is a single button push to load multiple databases to the aircraft," said product manager Allison Haugen. "It saves time for the pilot or technician because everything's ready to be loaded as soon as the aircraft arrives. You even get a notification when new databases are available."

The unit is a simple drop-in replacement for previous Data Management Unit (DMU) and Data LAN Management Unit (DLMU) data loaders offered by Honeywell. Installation is quick and easy, taking only a half hour to swap out the old data loader and establish the secure connection with a one-time set up.

Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization of the new Wireless Data Loader was received in November 2015.

First implementation in 2015 is for ground use only, but in early 2016 Honeywell will release additional functionality to enable cockpit functions in flight, provide cellular coverage and longer-range transmission of files.

"This is just the beginning of a new wave of connectivity with the aircraft," Haugen said

Robert Wolfersteig

Robert Wolfersteig

Robert Wolfersteig is a Marketing Communications Manager at Honeywell Aerospace.

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