Benefits of Additive Manufacturing Labs in Bengaluru India

November 24, 2015 | Author: Yathiraj Kasal

As part of our global additive manufacturing strategy, Honeywell established an additive manufacturing technology center in Bengaluru , India in August 2014. This was done with the vision of maturing and deploying the AM technology globally and closer to engineering centers. The global labs have the charter to research additive manufacturing technology apart from supporting local prototype, tool and fixture requirements. Across businesses, Honeywell is actively focusing on reducing spend on capital and expense tooling from effective usage of additive manufacturing.

Tools and Fixtures

The photo above shows the various tools and fixtures produced through additive manufacturing for Honeywell businesses.

Flow MixerThis photo shows how Honeywell recently used additive manufacturing technology to produce tooling for a transportation systems test rig. Additive manufacturing was used to help optimize the component design for improved mixing without compromising backpressure. This capability was not possible prior to using 3D printing due to the limitations of conventional manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing assisted in pushing the technological design limits of the tooling leading to a successful project in India.  In addition, the technology of 3D printing allowed for a lead-time reduction of approximately 85% and a cost reduction of approximately 80%.

Flow ConditionerThis photo shows tooling produced for Honeywell’s Automation and Control Systems (ACS) business. This tooling for a flow conditioner was beneficial to the corporation in several ways. The manufacturing of a laminar flow element using conventional methods is very tedious and requires long lead times and significant fixtures. Tooling produced using additive manufacturing ended up costing 60% less and the lead-time was reduced by approximately 80%.

The flow characteristics from the test rig were exceptionally better because of the way the new tooling was designed for additive manufacturing, .

The effort in Bengaluru is not just focused on metals.  In future blog postings you can read more about how FDM technology is being employed to evaluate design concepts.

Yathiraj Kasal

Yathiraj Kasal

Yathiraj Kasal is the Additive Manufacturing Project Lead for Honeywell in Bengaluru, India.

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