100th award winning cabin management system delivered

March 4, 2015 | Author: Justin Dye

Our team is excited to celebrate two great milestones in February. Honeywell was presented with the award for innovation in corporate jet cabins for enhancements on Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system by Inflight Magazine. We were recognized for the new developments and solutions that enhance the VVIP passenger experience.

We also delivered the 100th Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system to StandardAero for installation on a Dassault®Falcon 900. The aircraft joins a fleet of nearly 2,000 business jets with Honeywell cabin management systems flying around the world today. The operator will now be able to make the most of their travel time and have the best overall in-flight experience with Honeywell’s system.

Seamless Cabin Experience

To best understand the superior experience provided by a great cabin management system, imagine yourself flying at 41,000ft in a business jet. You sit back, dim the lights to your preference, lower the window shades, cool down the cabin, and set the monitor to live TV all at the touch of your fingertips on your smartphone.

What about your co-passengers? They’re in completely separate worlds. One has headphones listening to her own music synced to the cabin’s sound system and checking emails with in-flight Wi-Fi and another is watching an early-window blockbuster movie on monitors with clear 1080p high definition.

From Concept to Reality

When Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system was first conceptualized, engineers focused on reliability, maintainability and scalability for an all-digital total cabin management system that allows passengers to control both in-flight entertainment and environmental conditions ─ including lighting, seats, temperature, galley and window shades.

Through decades of development, our cabin management team has consistently worked hard to stay ahead with innovation. This allows Honeywell to offer the latest entertainment and productivity capabilities to jets ranging from mid-size cabins right up to Boeing®Business Jets.

In late 2014, Honeywell completed on-wing testing of a Google Glass prototype app for cabin management including inflight entertainment (IFE) and environmental controls. Google Glass, and other wearable technologies, represent the next step in the evolution of cabin management interface for the business jet marketplace, and provide unique opportunities for passengers and flight crews.

The Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system is now a highly scalable cabin solution that can seamlessly integrate the latest consumer electronics devices (tablets and smartphones) into the cabin and put productivity and entertainment quite literally at the passenger’s fingertips.

It’s amazing to see how far cabin technology has evolved over the past 40 years – when Honeywell first began developing cabin management systems.

Now you can find this second generation all-digital system flying on aircraft all over the world spanning the newly-certified mid-size Embraer Legacy 500 right up to the 63.7 meter-long Boeing®BBJ 777. The system is standard-fit on the Legacy and Lineage platforms from Embraer®, and is certified for many other platforms including the Falcon 50, 900, 2000 and 7X, Global Express, G450 and G550 and BBJs. It is flying today on many super long range large cabin and VVIP jets.

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Justin Dye

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