BIAS 2015 through my eyes

June 23, 2015 | Author: Mihai Micu

Tout le monde talks about the famous Paris Air Show, but last weekend, many eyes were also set on the skies of Romania, with the seventh edition of Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS), one of the biggest aerospace events ever organized in Eastern Europe. Over 120 civil and military airplanes performed at this amazing show in front of an enthusiastic crowd of almost 100,000 air fans. 

I arrived at the airport around 9 a.m., with my 2-and 4-year-old kids, who are very into Dusty Crophopper and Skipper from Disney Planes. As we arrived before kick-off, we walked round the airport and got very pleasantly surprised by an airplanes exhibition from all over the world: Turkish, Pakistani, Russian and a lot of Romanian pieces of history, including the Traian Vuia’s flying machine from 1906 and the first Romanian national airplane, the glider aircraft designed in 1910 by Aurel Vlaicu, an aviation pioneer.

My kids were very excited and wanted to climb every piece of the exhibition, but the anchor men were announcing the start of the show and I tried to focus their attention on the sky. And even though, apparently, it looked like a very difficult task, the Romanian Air Force MiG-21 parade (for those who don’t know, Romania used to be a very communist country till 1989), that opened the show, helped me a lot. These amazing old (designed in the 1950’s and still in service) supersonic airplanes were so noisy that my kids started to cry and asked me to take them back home. Fortunately, they soon got excited by the size and the power of the planes and we got the chance to watch a lot of air masters doing all kind of aerobatic maneuvers.

The special guests of this edition were the supersonic Turkish Stars (Turkey), who conceived a colorful show my kids really enjoyed (Look, daddy, they let pink traces!) and the Baltic Bees (Latvia), a six planes air formation that succeeded amazing loops, air ties, wing-over, hearts and many other surprise elements. Royal Air Force Typhoon (Great Britain) also performed an amazing air show.

Romania was wonderfully represented at BIAS 2015 by many air formations, such as the Hawks of Romania, The Pelicans, White Wings and the parachute jumpers of Blue Wings, all of them offering a real joy to the thousands of spectators.

BIAS 2015 finished on Saturday evening with fireworks and a rock music concert.

Mihai Micu

Mihai Micu

Mihai Micu is an SEO/SEM Analyst for Honeywell Aerospace. Before joining Honeywell in March 2015, Mihai spent almost 8 years working as a professional in the SEO industry.

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