Amelia Rose Earhart's Journey One Year Later

June 26, 2015 | Author: Amelia Earhart

One year ago today, Shane Jordan and I embarked upon a 24,300 NM flight around the world, and while there were only two people onboard the aircraft, we were not alone.

On June 26, 2014, we all began the flight that took a single engine aircraft around the globe. We all climbed into N58NG, the beautiful Pilatus®PC12 NG, and took to the skies, proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt that adventure is still alive and well. It lives inside those who choose to chase after it. Many millions of people read our story, saw our photos, and thought to themselves, “what will my adventure be? How far could I go?”

On this anniversary of our choice to embark on the trip that many said couldn’t be done, I want to express my deepest and sincerest thank you. I believe my namesake would have been proud, proud that we picked up where she left off, not because we had to, but because we chose to.

The Fly With Amelia Foundation is going strong. We have 13 young women, from all across the US, working toward their private pilot's license. Two young ladies have already completed their training and are on their way toward careers in aviation.

Keep adventuring. Keep pushing the boundaries of aviation’s endless potential. Your kindness and belief in the achievement of this goal will never be forgotten.

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Amelia is a passionate aviatrix, philanthropist and news anchor for the local NBC affiliate in Denver, Colorado., where she resides with her Chiweenie, Nubbin. In 2013 Amelia started the Fly With Amelia Foundation, which grants flight scholarships to girls ages 16-18 and supports the advancement of general aviation opportunities. Amelia took her first flying lesson on June 2, 2004, and obtained her pilot's license in a Cessna 172. In 2012, she recreated her namesake's transcontinental flight from Oakland, California, to Miami, Florida, as a completion of her instrument training hours. Amelia was born in Downey, California, and grew up in cities throughout California, Colorado and Kansas.

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