5 Reasons Why Life on an Island is Better with Honeywell

June 11, 2015 | Author: Ana Baez

I’ve been reading a few blogs from my engineering colleagues lately, which inspired me to share my experience as a Honeywell employee in Puerto Rico. Over the span of 7 years at Honeywell, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of different business units, where I’ve gained multiple perspectives.

I started when Aerospace was arriving in my home island of Puerto Rico, and our facility was in the process of growing to where we are now. This gave me the opportunity to become a welcoming ambassador to new hires inside our great organization.  A few years down the road I still am able to share how much I enjoy my job:

1.You will always learn:  Honeywell provides all kinds of growth opportunities to their employees from providing self help tools, taking you into “lunch and learn” sessions, joining independent learning groups or even company provided learning sessions. It’s a dynamic environment where you are surrounded by global diversity. There’s always the chance to learn something new -- from your colleagues to the Honeywell-developed products. Honeywell employees are committed to making flight better and safer.

2.You will own your time: Our work environment is one of the best parts of being a Honeywell employee. A flexible work structure in a beautiful facility where creativity, technology and open spaces combine to provide opportunities to perform process improvements to better our performance and productivity. Visitors to our Puerto Rico site say our facility is an Aerospace version of Google.

3.There is always growth opportunity:  Honeywell provides the tools to drive an individual’s career with a broad list of learning tools, trainings and exposure to different business units that interrelate with each other, along with the different processes needed to provide our services worldwide.

4.You represent the future: We are not only Honeywell employees; we are proud representatives of our company. We are seen as the innovators in Aerospace, the people that make our world safer in many ways, from the flying airplane to the NASA satellite, from national security to the commercial plane from which we travel to our vacation destiny. In schools, in our community we never miss a good opportunity to let people know, that even when we are seeing a growing trend of Aerospace companies moving in our direction, we are the local leaders of this movement and this is the best place to work.

5.You are surrounded of great people:  You will find yourself surrounded of friendly people. We as employees like to share our knowledge and experiences with our co—workers, not only to ensure the process flow, but to also be able to learn from each other.  We recognize our peers when they exceed expectations and we celebrate their achievements as our own. We are very cheerful about conquering new goals, growth and progress: I guess this has to do a bit with being in the Caribbean… where life in the tropics is always good, but being at Honeywell only makes it better!


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Ana Baez

Ana Baez

Digital Marketing Manager

Ana Baez works for Marcom Global Services. She is currently based in Puerto Rico.

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