Illustrating Inventions: Honeywell Aerospace’s first 100 years

February 11, 2015 | Author: Stephen Woodward

When I first got invited to lead the creative and digital efforts for Honeywell Aerospace’s 100 year celebration, I jumped at the chance. It was a privilege to be even considered. I had an opportunity to shape a legacy through design and creativity, this was an opportunity not to pass up. It does however have its challenges of course (100 years is a very long time, after all); it’s rammed jammed full of life changing events and peppered with historical milestones and achievements… but did anybody capture those moments in history? Where do you begin?


We started as a small focused group to collate any graphical imagery, photographs and reference material we could lay our hands on, how could we paint this picture? We needed to create a graphical timeline that left people feeling like they’d really been there, part of our journey. We soon found out this was harder than expected. Images are hard to come by, especially when spanning a journey of more than 100 years.


How could we represent the inventors, inventions and innovations of Honeywell Aerospace in one snapshot, one creative, engaging piece of content that people for the next 100 years could return to and feel like they understood and were part of our story - a story full of real life adventures and heroes? Then, I had an epiphany: We would create a comic!


A comic is probably one of the first things you read as a child where your imagination can run really wild, stories of explorers and adventurers around the globe drawing you in (quite literally). The perfect canvas for a story to be told, a story about how our vision has transformed the world with superior technology, innovation and inventions that have shaped the way we travel and gave the dare-devils, adventurers and pioneers in aerospace the tools to take us full throttle into the future.


Sit back, shut the door and take a journey back to your childhood wonder years, where imagination and a good comic was all you needed…


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Stephen Woodward

Stephen Woodward

Digital & Creative Leader, EMEAI Marketing Communications