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December 8, 2015 | Author: Andrew St Juste

The holidays are right around the corner. 'Tis the season to refine your wish list in the hopes that you were good in the eyes of both Santa and all the family coming from out of town. It used to be stuffed animals and action figures, but nowadays the gifts are comprised of electronics. From cell phones and tablets with higher numbers than last year, to wireless speakers and smart watches, we have all clamored for the various digital luxuries in the world. Coming from a large consumer electronic company I thought I had seen it all, and in a sense we all feel this way. Years ago the thought of a watch tracking your heart rate while simultaneously making phone calls seemed reserved for James Bond, but now everybody has some iteration of it. With the innovation of companies like Apple, Google, Samsung and others, we have seen technology change a great deal in a short period of time.

However, at some point during this technology expansion we forgot that these electronic luxuries are serving as a bridge to a world of luxuries. For example, imagine you’re a billionaire with the world at your fingertips. Pretty cool thought right? Now imagine you’re on your private jet in the plush leather seats enjoying a plate of filet mignon freshly cooked to your liking. Now of course like the hip billionaire that you are it’s time to post your favorite dish on Instagram. Wait. No network huh? It’s ironic that some of the greatest non-mobile inventions that everybody utilizes are often the most behind. In 2015 it seems we are only allowed to enjoy one cool invention at a time.

Sharing the halls with rocket scientists… literally makes Honeywell truly a company of possibilities made easy. We so eagerly want to be in the presence of the next Steve Jobs-like innovation or other pocket sized invention we overlook a company like Honeywell that has enabled human beings to fly… in the air… in comfort for years. It doesn’t matter what phone you own, at 30,000 feet they were all obsolete or restricted until now.

With Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system and JetWave you can not only text and call but also utilize full high-speed connectivity. This is not your run of the mill 2G connection either, we’re talking playing Call Of Duty online with your friends while streaming your company’s webinar at high-speed. But instead of sitting in your mom’s basement you’re on a jet! Forget trying to extract half your hard drive with music and videos to sync before your flight, you can now wirelessly binge watch or DJ-stream the party.

Okay so back to your private jet again. Plush leather, empty plate, negotiation audiobook streaming in the background (cause you’re a winner) when suddenly you experience a little turbulence. You take a peak outside and see this.

In a hurried panic you run to the cockpit and kick open the door (because it's your plane and you do what you want), but right before you mentally breakdown and scream at the top of your lungs you see the pilots looking at this.

Honeywell’s avionics systems with synthetic vision can keep the jet party going through adverse weather and darkness. Using sensors and key flight information it virtually positions the aircraft creating a 3D rendering of the terrain. With this technology pilots have begun to land planes in cloudy thunderous storms and even complete darkness, but we never seem to have enough lighting for our selfies!

Honeywell is also extending its reach with a suite of apps that does everything from private Jet fuel prices to a weather information app for smart watches. So this holiday season instead of coming down and exploring the 150th iteration of the smartphone, skip the camp out, get in your personal jet and let’s explore the possibilities of flight. 

Andrew St Juste

Andrew St Juste

Andrew is a Senior Specialist for Marcom here at Honeywell, with a focus on channel partners and short term sales. He has previous experience at a major technology company, enjoys writing, and is a board member of a non-profit in Haiti.

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