How Honeywell s Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Center Uses 3D Printing to Save Time and Money

December 2, 2015 | Author: Alexandre Baudot

As part of global additive manufacturing strategy, Honeywell established an additive manufacturing technology center in Shanghai, China in 2014 in order to support  Honeywell’s Asia Pacific needs for prototypes and rapid tooling.  Like the other global labs, this lab also was chartered to research additive manufacturing technology.

Since the center was opened, the Shanghai team has supported both the aerospace and transportation system groups within Honeywell International.

The Shanghai team has achieved great success in 2015.  The team recently supported numerous prototyping projects for the turbocharger team in Shanghai, which resulted in an average 65% reduction in schedule across multiple parts.  This schedule savings also translated into considerable dollars saved that was originally budgeted for outside vendors to produce prototypes.  The amount saved in FY2015 is expected to triple in 2016 and multiplied by large amounts in the near future by engaging with more Honeywell production sites and design groups across the Asia Pacific region.

Multiple design iterations of turbocharger parts such as the turbine housing and the compressor housing (shown above) are common research parts produced in the Shanghai laboratory (note: both parts are still attached to their respective build plates).

Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Team is Expanding the Technology Footprint:

The additive manufacturing center is now expanding its presence in different product line design organizations such as repair & overhaul and production sites across the Asia Pacific region.  This new activity will only work to build increased awareness of the technology which is being used to reduce capital tooling budgets and develop more optimized designs.

The Shanghai additive manufacturing team is helping to keep Honeywell International competitive.

In collaboration with other Honeywell additive manufacturing sites, the Shanghai team will participate as a key player in the development of new materials used with this emerging technology.

Alexandre Baudot

Alexandre Baudot

Alexandre Baudot is the Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Program Manager.

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