Five Reasons to Power Your Bell 407 with the HTS900 Engine, Plus One More...

August 18, 2015 | Author: Carrie Sinclair

Upgrading an engine isn’t a quick decision, but it can be financially rewarding. With an engine upgrade, the Bell 407 becomes the Eagle 407HP, and you’ll see benefits in engine performance, increased reliability and expanded high/hot capability. 

Reason #1: 17% lower fuel burn

Fuel isn’t just an environmental factor these days; it is expensive. Think about the fuel savings with a lower fuel burn and what that can do for your helicopter operation. Don’t believe it? Just ask EAGLE COPTERS.

Reason #2: 22% more shaft horsepower

More horsepower means more hot and high (Wikipedia definition), and depending on how you use your helicopter, that could mean lifting more or operating further above sea level.

Reason #3: 19% increase in gross weight capability (10,000 feet)

Now you can add more water to your lifts, as Elbow Rivers did, pile on more passengers or haul more cargo – whatever your helicopter operation requires.

Reason #4: 12% less direct maintenance costs for the engine

As if fuel savings weren’t enough, direct maintenance costs for the engine also decrease, due in some part to a tailored dual channel FADEC, a Full-Authority Digital Electronic Control, providing a digital link to the propulsion system, lessening pilot workload and providing some redundancy for safety.

Reason #5: 38 percent increase in hover-out-of-ground-effect (HOGE)

Leading the class, the Bell 407 powered by an HTS900, or the Eagle 407HP, has an increased hover-out-of-ground effect that allows for 800 pounds more than the existing engine and 450 pounds more than the industry standard. Don’t understand HOGE? Me neither; please comment if you can find a source that explains it simply!

One more reason to upgrade: EAGLE COPTERS. In cooperation with Honeywell and Bell Helicopters, EAGLE COPTERS has certified the HTS900 to upgrade Bell 407s to the Eagle 407HP helicopter. With global locations and a solid footing in helicopters, you can be confident your 407 will give you the operational flexibility you need to be successful in your business.

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Carrie Sinclair

Carrie Sinclair

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