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April 9, 2015 | Author: Kristin Guthrie

What’s a picture worth? If it’s viewed in the context of business, it’s worth far more than a thousand words. It’s worth a human connection.

New research finds that employees who are shown a photo of the customer they’re working with are far more likely to take their job personally, and to deliver a far-greater customer experience.

In one study, researchers measured the effects of introducing patient photos in the rapidly changing field of radiology.

Patients referred to radiologists for an MRI agreed to have a snapshot of them taken beforehand and added to their medical files. Throughout their procedure, every time the radiologist opened a file, the photo of the patient appeared.

Participating radiologists reported feeling more empathy towards the patients after viewing their photos.

More importantly, results showed that the doctors were more meticulous in reading medical image outcomes when a photo was part of the patient file.

Honeywell’s take on the research:

Whether the environment is a radiology department, an airline website, or an aviation call center, human beings crave human interaction. Each of us rightly believes we are more than just a name and number, and we want to view the customers we serve in the same way.

To tap into that powerful human force, try personalizing the interactions between your customers and staff. For example, add employee photos to emails that let fliers know of schedule changes. Even an unexpected delay can be easier to take when it’s shared from a human perspective.

At Honeywell, we’re following the doctors’ lead and adding customer-submitted photos to our sales and service files. We believe Honeywell employees want to do more than just open and close tickets, and the “photo-to-face” contact promises to raise call-team morale and provide the outstanding experiences Honeywell customers deserve.

Want to feel that difference for yourself? Send us your picture. Click here to email us and we’ll add your photo to your account. We’ll be seeing you.

Kristin Guthrie

Kristin Guthrie

Kristin Guthrie is the Vice President of Customer Experience for Honeywell Aerospace. She is the advocate for the AT&R customer experience (CX), translating the CX vision into action benefiting customers via multiple channels and touch points. Kristin has over 21 years of leadership experience positioning brands, products, and services in various sectors, including aerospace, home security, and consumer electronics. Kristin has a track record for promoting and building brands with customers, advertisers, strategic partners, and celebrity sponsors. She has received a number of awards for her outstanding success as a marketing professional. Kristin has an MBA from the University of North Texas and a B.S. in Marketing from, Kansas State University. She is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and is also Marketing Leadership Education Program certified.

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