Realize Your Connectivity Ambitions

April 15, 2019 | Author: Kristin Slyker

Where do you want connectivity to take you?

Maybe you’re a business jet operator who wants to give passengers the same Wi-Fi experience they get on the ground. Maybe you’re a pilot who needs to locate an alternate airport on the fly. Maybe you are an airport looking for ways to increase aircraft traffic without adding capital infrastructure or an airline executive looking for ways to maintain and optimize your block schedules. Finally, perhaps you are a maintenance director trying to prevent an unscheduled removal and subsequent passenger delay. The problems you face in the aerospace world can be challenging and are personal to you.

Connectivity is the common denominator for solving these and hundreds of other challenges facing aviation industry professionals every day. The age of connected aerospace is here. The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence are making it possible to be smarter, more capable and more effective in achieving your goals than ever before.

The technology is interesting, but more important that they technology itself is what you can do with it. At Honeywell, we are using connectivity to enhance safety, improve operational performance, reduce cost and make the whole aerospace value chain faster and more efficient. The potential is enormous. The options are almost limitless.

But that means that developing a connectivity strategy for your organization may be intimidating or confusing. Fortunately, Honeywell is here to help. We’re in the connected aerospace business with industry-leading solutions for aircraft owners and operators, flight crews, passengers, maintenance teams, operations centers, ground operations crews and airports.

We can guide you through the process of determining where connectivity can have the greatest impact on your operations and where you can realize the biggest bang and quickest payback for your investment dollar.

Maybe that means installing one of our industry-leading satellite communications systems in your aircraft, creating a better passenger experience and enabling you to charge higher charter fees. Take our JetWave SATCOM, for example, which provides in-flight Wi-Fi that is fast, reliable, secure and available anywhere you fly around the globe – even over water.

Slyker Kristin

Kristin Slyker

Vice President, Connected Aircraft, Service & Connectivity Honeywell Aerospace

Kristin Slyker is the Vice President of Connected Aircraft for the Honeywell Aerospace business. In this role, Slyker is responsible for driving accelerated growth of the $800M global connected aircraft business including software, hardware and services.

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