Packages, Notes from Home Make All the Difference to Deployed Honeywell Employees

May 10, 2018 | Author: Brent Barcus

I served in the U. S. Navy for nearly two decades. When you are a deployed service member, receiving care packages, letters or anything from home is priceless. It reminds you why you chose to serve in the military. It reminds you that you are not alone. It reminds you there are people – friends, family members, co-workers – who love you and are waiting for your safe return. That’s why employees at the Department of Energy’s Kansas City National Security Campus managed by Honeywell, decided to join the Adopt-a-Troop program last year.


One of our employees, Mandy Kelley, a Technical Manager, found the National Adopt-a-Troop program online. She and her family “adopted” many service members. They filled up boxes with food and snacks they knew service members would relish. Her teenage son handwrote letters about his admiration and appreciation to the military heroes and they even sent dog treats for a service member with a support canine. For the Kelley family, being part of the Adopt-a-Troop program meant doing their part to enhance the lives of deployed personnel and give them a taste of home they were surely missing.


When Mandy told me about her passion to help members of the armed services, it made perfect sense to open this program up to the employees at Honeywell FM&T. We are proud to say a significant number of our employees are veterans – many are still in the reserves – and understand the value of knowing they have a Honeywell family to return to after their deployment is completed.


Sponsored by our site’s veterans group, the Honeywell FM&T Adopt-a-Troop program is voluntary. If an employee is being deployed, they can fill out an online form notifying us they are open to, and interested in, hearing from Honeywell employees while they’re in the field. The communication can include care packages, emails, telephone calls and/or handwritten letters.


Response has been very positive to this new program. We want our employees and their families to know if they are deployed, those of us at Honeywell FM&T are standing behind them in awe of their service, strength and courage. We hope employees know they have a place to come home to and that we will miss them while they are away representing our country and safeguarding our freedoms.


For more information on the Adopt-a-Troop program in Kansas City, contact me directly at    


Brent Barcus

Sr. Technical Manager

Brent Barcus is currently based at Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies, Kansas City, Mo.

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  • David O’Brien

    Brent, I’m the HSE&F Leader at the Norcross Site and would like to join your cause. As a 24 year US Navy retired veteran, I know how nice it was to receive care packages from home. Please reach out to me and let me know how the Norcross Site can help. Sincerely David O’Brien