What Military Appreciation Month Means to Honeywell Aerospace

April 30, 2018 | Author: Aerospace Communications

Military personnel around the world have a key role to play in the makeup of Honeywell Aerospace’s identity. Those who are familiar with the creeds of the military know that we have a similar objective at Aerospace: working together to take part in a mission that is larger than ourselves and making the world a safer place.

We are proud to employ these colleagues, who greatly influence the dedication, quality and diversity that makes up the high-performing workforce of our company.

In May, the United States recognizes the important work of the Armed Forces of the United States of America through Military Appreciation Month. At Honeywell, in every job function, in every part of the world, we are proud to have a community made up of those who have served their country, those who are still serving their country, and the families of those who serve.

Watch this video, highlighting some of our veterans and current military personnel, to see how their behaviors and values are integral to contributing to our culture at Honeywell.

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