Is Space Symposium as Cool as it Sounds?

April 3, 2017 | Author: Patty Attwell

A group from the Honeywell space team is headed to Colorado Springs for our annual pilgrimage to the 33rd Space Symposium. This event, held at The Broadmoor Hotel from April 3-6, is said to be the premier gathering of space professionals in the world. The Symposium is hosted by the Space Foundation, whose mission is to “advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity”. Sounds cool already, right?!

More than 9000 space industry experts will gather to give and hear presentations on all aspects of space, connect with their peers and share global perspectives. Attendees are at the forefront of breakthroughs in technology solutions that can improve life on Earth and beyond.

Honeywell has a proud heritage of leadership in the industry and a compelling roster of amazing space technology. We’ve been a provider of solutions since 1958 – the early days of human space travel. In the years that followed, it’s been an honor to be a part of every manned NASA mission. Our technology has also been on board over 950 satellites, and counting. That is more than 80% of all spacecraft in orbit. We have also designed and built crucial hardware for the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope and the fascinating Orion spacecraft and Space Launch Systems rocket that will one day take us to Mars.

Perhaps the coolest thing about pushing the limits of our capabilities in space is this: as we strive to perfect technology for the rigors of space, we also deliver advances that benefit us here on Earth. For example, Honeywell products are on board satellites that: saves lives through more efficient search and rescue technology; monitor climate and cloud formations to more accurately assess weather pattern changes; allow reliable, secure communications for our allied troops; and connect even the most remote areas of the world with internet, radio and television coverage.

So, when we gather in Colorado Springs to see old friends and meet new ones at Space Symposium, it is with the commitment to continue to exceed expectations in providing innovations that lead to a more connected world and improve life on Earth and in space. If you are attending Space Symposium, please come and say hello to the Honeywell group, we’d love to meet you! 

Patty Attwell

Patty Attwell

Patty Attwell joined Honeywell during the 2016 acquisition of Canadian satellite payload and space systems experts, COM DEV International, where she was Manager of Global Corporate Communications. She is now the marketing communications manager for Honeywell’s Space Enterprise, bringing together the amazing history of 60 years of leadership in space mission solutions; with our latest cutting-edge technology that will propel the emerging space markets of tomorrow.

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