Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

September 6, 2016 | Author: Amanda Jensen

It’s a pretty cliché statement, but it’s also very true. As I sit here on the last day of my internship at Honeywell Aerospace, I can’t help but feel a little sad as I reflect on the past three months and wonder where the time went.

When I accepted the position, I had no idea what it would be like to work in public relations and social media for an aerospace company. Within my first week, however, I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be a typical corporate internship. I was flying on test planes and interacting with journalists from around the world. I was sitting in on media interviews with company leadership and being tasked with writing blog posts about my experience for the company website.

As my time at Honeywell went on, I began to develop a much deeper interest in the aerospace business and wanted to learn as much as I could about the products and services Honeywell contributes to the industry. I wanted to tell the story of our business and to show people that Honeywell brings amazing technology to the global community that extends well beyond thermostats and air purifiers. I spent a lot of time reading about our products and committing their functions to memory. At one point, I even found myself explaining the ins and outs of an auxiliary power unit to my seat neighbor on a flight to visit my family back in Minneapolis.

Throughout my time here, I had opportunities to tour our labs and see incredible, cutting-edge technology being developed and built. I saw the facility where Honeywell tests engines like the TPE331, HTS900 and T55 that power business jets, helicopters and even the U.S. Army’s main battle tank, the M1A1 Abrams. I paid multiple visits to our Additive Manufacturing Test Centers and organized a media visit to promote Honeywell’s pioneering work in the world of 3-D printing for airplane parts.

I also got the chance to work with some of the most intelligent and dedicated people I’ve ever met. Everyone — from my fellow interns to my leadership team — was incredibly talented, and I consider myself very fortunate to have been surrounded by such people.

So thank you, Honeywell. Thank you for giving me an incredible opportunity and helping me expand my skill set as a communications professional more than I ever expected. Thank you for helping me find my place and decide what I want to do with my career as I leave college. Finally, thank you for reminding me that the best things in life are often unexpected and for reminding me that stepping outside my comfort zone can bring the greatest rewards.

Amanda Jensen

Amanda Jensen

External Communications Specialist