Mark XXI and XXII Helicopter Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS)

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Recent NTSB Safety Recommendations A-10-60 and A-10-61 and FAA SAIB SW-11-31 apply to MK XXII EGPWS only.  Compliance with these recommendations is easily achieved in fielded units by loading a minor software mod per Service Bulletin 965-1590/1595-34-36 or updating to -028 software per Service Bulletin Letter 965-1595-34-22.

Honeywell received HTAWS TSO-C194 approval for the MK XXI and  MK XXII Helicopter EGPWS on August 18, 2009, the first HTAWS TSO granted by the FAA, and further emphasizes Honeywell's commitment to leadership in safety of helicopter operations. Updating fielded Helicopter EGPWS units will only require a Service Letter presenting instructions to attach the TSO C-194 label to the EGPWS unit.

The Service Letter for MK XXII can be found here.
The Service Letter for MK XXI can be found here.
The TSO Authorization Letters can be found here

Mark XXI & XXII EGPWS brochure for HEMS can be found here
Mark XXI & XXII EGPWS (HTAWS) brochure can be found here

Specifically configured for the dynamic factors of rotary-wing performance, Honeywell's Mark XXI and XXII EGPWS help prevent avoidable collisions with the ground, water, and obstacles--even when flying in changing weather with poor visibility, rough terrain, or at low altitudes. The Mark XXI and XXII deliver proven and potentially life-saving performance.

Mark XXI Product Information

For VFR-equipped helicopters without a radio altimeter, the Mark XXI EGPWS is a highly affordable, easy-to-install way to add the powerful safety benefits of HTAWS.

Mark XXII Product Information

For IFR-equipped helicopters with a radio altimeter, the Mark XXII EGPWS is a full-featured HTAWS with additional highly advanced functions to avoid CFIT and obstacle collisions.

Video Clips

View a series of helicopter video clips to see the EGPWS features in action.