T-Hawk™ MAV

Honeywell's T-Hawk™ is an unmanned micro air vehicle (MAV) that provides real-time situational awareness in critical situations.

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T-Hawk MAV

Leading the way in micro UAVs, T-Hawk was the first UAV with hover and stare capability in a wide range of weather conditions.

Key Benefits

With unique hover-and-stare capability, T-Hawk supports advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) with real-time video documentation. Combat-proven since 2007, the T-Hawk features vertical takeoff and landing. T-Hawk is easy to assemble and can be airborne within 10 minutes.

T-Hawk supports a broad range of missions:

• IED identification and monitoring
• Target acquisition and damage assessment
• Homeland security
• Disaster surveillance and damage assessment operations are simple with T-Hawk’s features
• Autonomous flight with dynamic re-tasking and manual intervention
• Adaptable flight planning with up to 100 waypoints per flight plan and up to 10 pre-planned flight plans stored on the ground station
• 24/7 operations, day or night, in diverse environments (such as salt, sand, dust or fog)
• Flexible payload uses gimbaled EO and IR imaging sensors in a modular, interchangeable package
• Climbs at a rate of 25 feet per second up to 10,000 feet
• Flies up to 50 miles per hour
• 46-minute endurance
• Weighs under 20 pounds and fits in a backpack

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Applies To: Defense, First Responders and Law Enforcement

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