Thermal Switches and Sensors

Honeywell thermal products provide quality, precision and durability, fully tested, appropriately sealed and qualified to numerous specifications.

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Honeywell Thermal products provide quality, precision and durability. These sensors are fully tested, appropriately sealed and are qualified to numerous Commercial, Aerospace, Military and NASA specifications. 

Evolution of Honeywell Thermal Switch

From the first product, a windshield temperature control thermal switch in 1947 to the 700 Series Thermal Switches on board Mars Rover.

150 Series Thermal Switches

The 150 Series harnesses the electrical capability of a micro-switch and the thermal capability of a bimetal switch in one device.

250 Series Thermal Switches

Snap-action thermal switches specifically designed for applications requiring more than 5 amperes at 28VDC resistive in a robust hermetic package.

270 Series Thermal Switches

High-current, high-reliability switches for space applications.

500 Series Thermal Switches

Combines small size with robust electrical characteristics, packaged for severe environments with flexible mountings.

700 Series Thermal Switches

High reliability space-qualified thermal switches designed to support manned and unmanned space applications.

Locomotive Train Switches

Specifically designed and qualified to operate the cooling fan contactor on General Motors Electro-Motive Division (EMD) locomotive engines.

F-15 Eagle

Aircraft Spares

Honeywell continues to build switches and sensors for use on commercial and military aircraft that are long out of production but still flying today.

Customizable Thermal Switches

With Honeywell’s multi-generational legacy in customizable thermal twitches, the capability to produce unexpected solutions is significant.

Product and Application Guide

Product descriptions and applications for Honeywell thermal switches and sensors.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Thermal Switches.


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