Precision Pressure Products and Applications

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Honeywell has more than 40 years of experience designing and fabricating Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), piezoresistive pressure sensors and precision pressure transducers. Today, our pressure sensor products provide the industry's most reliable pressure readings for high performance applications.

Precision Pressure Transducers

Accuracy and stability for the most reliable ressure readings.

Precision Barometers

Honeywell's Precision Barometers and Precision Altimeters have the best combination of accuracy and stability.

Integrated Pressure Transducer

High performance sensing in a small package.

Air Data Applications

When you need to replace an expensive pressure transducer with one that was more cost-effective, turn to Honeywell's Precision Pressure Transducers.

Altitude Measurement

Honeywell's pressure transducers provide dynamic pressure measurements for high performance applications.

Flight Test Applications

For the highest precision solution - a precision pressure transducer capable of delivering the accuracy and reliability required by the FAA and the company's own world class standards – turn to Honeywell.

Precision Manometer Application

Honeywell's Precision Pressure Transducer provide full-scale accuracy for manufacturing the precision manometers used in today's automotive and scientific industries.

Precision Pressure Industry

High Performance Measurements for Altitude and Air Speed
Industrial Pressure Sensors
Lab / Test Instrumentation

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