Weather Radar

Identifies probable areas of rain, lightning, hail, windshear & turbulence; gives pilots the information they need to avoid severe weather conditions.

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Honeywell, with over 40 years of leadership and experience in development for air transport and general aviation aircraft, solved the many difficult challenges related to airborne detection of windshear and hazardous weather prior to their encounter. Combining an extensively modernized airborne radar with sophisticated digital signal processing we developed a superior multi-functional hazardous weather detection and avoidance system.


IntuVue 3D Weather Radar

The most complete and accurate display of weather hazards available from any airborne weather radar.

Primus 880

Primus 660 and 880 Weather Radar

Primus 700A and 701A (with beacon detection) Search and Rescue weather radars integrate surveillance and search modes with color weather radar.

Primus 701

Primus 700A / 701A Weather Radars

Honeywell's Primus® 700A and 701A Search and Rescue Weather Radars are the finest systems available with surveillance and search modes integrated with color weather radar.

Primus LSZ 860

Primus LSZ 860

The LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor System (LSS) detects areas of lightning activity in a 200-nautical mile radius around the aircraft.

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