SmartPath® Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS)

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The next generation of precision navigation and control is available today. Honeywell’s SmartPath® Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS) provides a cost-effective solution to increase airport capacity, decrease air traffic noise and reduce weather-related delays. By providing aircraft with very precise navigation data, SmartPath® represents the latest technology in a CAT I certified GBAS solution for precision approach and landings, enabling aircraft to fly either complex or straight-in approaches. Easy to install, at major cost savings compared to ILS, SmartPath® has received FAA System Design Approval and is available now.

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Key Benefits

Operational Benefits:

  • Accuracy enables closely-spaced parallel and curved path approaches 
  • Improves navigation accuracy over Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) 
  • Increases airport capacity by eliminating ILS hold short-zones – it is estimated that aircraft will save one to two minutes of taxi-time per flight by not having to hold-short 
  • Substantial maintenance savings – one SmartPath® system installed in a typical airport can yield maintenance savings of up to $400,000 annually when compared to ILS 
  • More flexible than ILS – one GBAS can broadcast 26 unique approaches covering all runways at an airport 
  • Utilizes differential GPS, and broadcasts both pseudorange corrections for each satellite in view, as well as approach path information in a digital broadcast 
  • One GBAS can cover all ends of all qualified runways. The ILS covers only one end of one runway, requiring additional installations for complete coverage 
  • Supports offset and segmented approaches for displaced threshold landings 
  • Most current-production Airbus and Boeing aircraft are now equipped with GBAS avionics or offer GBAS as an option 
  • Future upgrades include ability for CAT III approaches

Why Smartpath:

  • Offering turnkey products and services for precision landing implementation 
  • Airport assessment; site assessment; installation; flight inspection and facility approval 
  • Training (operations and maintenance) 
  • Total lifecycle logistics support 
  • Highly-experienced in the development and installation of differential GPS Landing Systems 
  • Honeywell has installed more than 25 systems worldwide 
  • Field support (spares and logistics) through Honeywell worldwide Customer Service & Support organization
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