Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance

Honeywell develops advanced communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) guidance and controls for improved productivity and safety.

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Honeywell develops advanced navigation, communication, surveillance, guidance and controls technologies for improving engineering productivity and driving growth.

Surrounding pilots with superior weather, traffic and terrain information, our system enhances situational awareness in order to decrease pilot workload.

In addition to developing technologies for current core products, research is ongoing in the following growth areas:

  • Next generation distributed air traffic management
  • Network centric operations
  • Next generation guidance, navigation & control systems
  • Multi-vehicle coordination and control
  • GPS Receivers

    Communication and Navigation Radios

    Honeywell offers an extensive range of communication and navigation radios which are essential to air safety.



    Honeywell has been providing datalink products to the airline industry since the early 1980s.

    Flight management

    Flight Management Systems

    Automates the flight planning, navigation, guidance functions optimizing lateral and vertical paths, providing both strategic and tactical management of all flight phases.


    Inertial Navigation

    Honeywell is a leading supplier of high-performance laser inertial products for commercial, defense, space and microelectronics applications.


    Information and Maintenance Management

    Honeywell supplies a broad range of systems for data acquisition, aircraft condition monitoring and data transfer.

    Satellite Communications

    Satellite Communications

    Honeywell satellite communications solutions offer passengers reliable voice, fax and high speed data communications.


    Honeywell surveillance solutions offer operators and airlines products and services that drive safety, efficiency and meet regulatory mandates.

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