Magnetic Field Sensing and Sensor Solutions

Honeywell's magnetic sensors are designed to accurately detect the direction and magnitude of external magnetic fields for compassing and magnetometry applications. They are among the most sensitive and reliable low-field sensors in the industry.

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Honeywell's small and accurate magnetic sensors product family includes a broad offering of sensors, magnetometers, compasses, GPS, and dead reckoning modules.

Compasses and Magnetometers

Honeywell offers a complete line of HMR compass modules from the basic HMR3300 three-axis electronic compass to the HMR3600 with ± 80 degrees of tilt compensation.

Compassing Solutions

Our magneto-resistive sensors allows for electronic compass modules that are suited to ground, air, and water dead reckoning.

General Magnetic Sensor Components

Components, Compasses, Magnetometers and Dead Reckoning Modules

GPS Navigation

Honeywell's electronic compass modules are used for compass solutions as the perfect complement to GPS navigation systems.

Magnetic Sensor Components

Honeywell’s magnetoresistive sensors are able to sense Earth’s magnetic field (~0.6 gauss) and provide the sensitivity for enhanced accuracy and performance.


Honeywell magnetometers offer low cost, high sensitivity, fast response, and a reliable alternative to mechanical or other magnetometer systems.

Position Sensing

Honeywell offers non-contact position sensing solutions with a family of low-cost position sensors including linear position sensors, angular position sensors, and rotary position sensors that are highly accurate, reliable, and offer exceptional longevity.

Vehicle Detection

Whether mounted in the pavement, or alongside vehicle traffic lanes, Honeywell's magneto-resistive sensor technology offers high sensitivity solutions for detecting vehicles and managing traffic.

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