Honeywell's EGPWS Enhances Situational Awareness

EGPWS minimizes risks and maximizes reaction time by constantly and unobtrusively monitoring terrain and obstacles in proximity to the aircraft.

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Welcome to the updated EGPWS web page.  This guide will serve to familiarize customers with the new website, highlight changes, and provide helpful guidance.

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Honeywell's Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS) minimize risks and maximize reaction time by constantly and unobtrusively monitoring terrain and obstacles in proximity of the aircraft. Honeywell offers EGPWS for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Pilots see an intuitive view of nearby terrain and obstacles that greatly enhances their situational awareness and are alerted only when there is a very real danger.

EGPWS uses aircraft inputs such as position, attitude, air speed, glideslope, and an internal terrain, obstacles and airport database, to predict a potential conflict between the aircraft's flight path and terrain or an obstacle. Honeywell’s EGPWS also allows for chargeable software enhancements such as SmartRunway® & SmartLanding® were developed to provide aural and visual alerts to flight crews with the purpose of mitigating the potential for runway incursions and runway excursions. Runway incursions and runway excursions are among the leading causes of aviation accidents and are on the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) top 10 global aviation safety concerns.

SmartRunway® and SmartLanding®

A software option for EGPWS, SmartRunway/SmartLanding improves crew situational and positional awareness to minimize runway incursions and excursions.


Replacing the MK V, the MKV-A adds improvements such as higher resolution terrain database, lower weight, increased reliability and USB dataloading.


The MK V version of Honeywell's EGPWS is our most capable Class A TAWS, designed for aircraft equipped with digital avionics.


The MK VI version of Honeywell's EGPWS is a Class A TAWS that has been optimized for regional turboprop aircraft.


The MK VII version of Honeywell’s EGPWS is a Class A TAWS for fixed-wing aircraft with analog avionics or military missions.


The MK VIII version of Honeywell's EGPWS is a Class A TAWS ideal for business jets and large turboprops with transcontinental missions.


The MK XXI EGPWS is a TSO-C194 HTAWS designed specifically for VFR helicopters without a radio altimeter.


The MK XXII EGPWS is a TSO-C194 HTAWS designed specifically for IFR-equipped helicopters with a radio altimeter.

KGP 560/860

The KGP-560/860 EGPWS is a Class B/C TAWS specifically designed for controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) avoidance in light turbine and piston aircraft.

KMH 880/980

This integrated hazard avoidance system pairs a traffic advisory system (TAS) or TCAS with a Class B TAWS, a powerful duo for safety in the sky.

Multifunction Radar Display (MFRD)

The Honeywell MFRD combines weather radar, traffic, terrain, navigation, and other data on one powerful, space-saving instrument.

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