A strategically hardened family of products to increase performance, reduce risks and ensure mission success in radiation-prone environments.

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We've forged a new path in strategic systems by providing 150-nanometer scale radiation hardened Integrated Circuits (IC) and System On a Chip (SOC) capability featuring >15 million gates per device. Honeywell has significantly improved IC performance while decreasing size and power usage.

Radiation Hardened Electronics and Technology

Honeywell's family of memories, processors and other Application Specific Integrated Circuits enable optimized system performance and reduced power.

Radiation Hardened Solutions

Honeywell's Silicon On Insulator CMOS products are designed to endure harsh elements in space.

FPGA Replacement Services

Honeywell’s accelerated FPGA replacement model converts FPGA designs into high-reliability gate array-based application-specific integrated circuits.


Advanced breakthrough technologies enable high performing radiation hardened integrated circuits.

Microelectronics Test and Packaging

Our test data management system combines hardware for data storage, mapping, analysis and customized reporting for cost-effective product testing.

Quality and Reliability

Honeywell adheres to strict high quality practices to ensure every lot, wafer and part is tested and monitored to consistently prevent failures.


Microelectronics Publications and FAQ

FAQs on Honeywell Microelectronics.

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